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Contact a Moderator    

If you would like an invite to the channel, have questions or concerns, send an in game tell or PM to:


@Cobalt Azurean

@Disciple of Horus

***Please do not apply to this site. It is intended to provide information only.***

Welcome to ChampioNexus!

This channel was created on October 1st, 2011. Our goal is to provide an environment focused on helping players on the Champion server form or join teams, Task Forces (TFs), Strike Forces (SFs), trials, raids, events and address game-related questions. This channel is not social by design. While it is understood that many players enjoy casual banter and discussion, ChampioNexus aims to provide a venue to those who wish to form/join activities at all times. If you are interested in joining a social channel, please see Resources for a list of other options.

Please keep in mind this channel is private and invite only. See Invites below for further details. 

Channel Rules    


If you would like an invite to the channel, contact a moderator via tell or PM. While this channel is private, it is not exclusive in nature. Anyone who has read, understood and accepts the rules of the channel is more than welcome to join. However, in some cases those who have previously demonstrated behavior that is not conducive to the nature of the channel may not receive an invite.

Directly before receiving an invite to the channel, every player will receive the following tell:

ChampioNexus is a channel focused on teams/trials/TFs/SFs and game-related questions. It is NOT for farm-related content (AE/PL), SG/VG/channel solicitations/ads, spam and off topic chatter. Keep it PG-13. Understand/accept?

In order to receive an invite, you must acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept the rules of the channel.

Below is an expanded list of topics encouraged in the channel:

  • Salutations to other players.
  • Forming up/seeking teams, trials, TFs, SFs, events, raids, costume contests, etc. 
  • Questions about the game. Example: "Where do I buy level 35 Natural SOs?"
  • Helping other players that may be stuck on a mission.
  • Assisting with badges, hunts, GMs.

Below is an expanded list of topics prohibited in the channel:

  • Farm-related comments, including AE, powerleveling, best farming builds, farming maps, etc.
  • SG/VG/channel advertisements and solicitations. Example, "Super Awesome SG is now recruiting!"; Spamming members of ChampioNexus with invites to your SG/VG/channel.
  • Chat spam. Feel free to advertise your team or request a team but please do not do so repetitively every few seconds. This also includes emote spam.
  • Trolling. This involves asking loaded questions that are likely to invoke a lengthy, drawn out, heated discussion, even if it is game-related. Examples: "Do you think F2P will ruin CoH forever?" "Why does anyone play X AT? They suck."
  • Off topic chatter. This includes talking about your personal business, discussing your Facebook, your ex-boyfriend, talking about other games, talking about other servers, etc.
  • Trading items. Example: "Does anyone have a Luck of the Gambler 7.5% I can buy?" There is a separate channel for this. See Resources.  
  • Disrespect for other players.


  • Discussion of a prohibited topic in the channel will result in a verbal warning, silence or kick from the channel (not necessarily in that order). The degree of moderation will depend on the nature of the comment, prior channel offenses, etc. Examples: Off topic chatter will likely result in a verbal request to take the discussion to tells; Spamming will likely result in an immediate silence. 

Report a Problem:

  • If you witness a negative event in the channel while a moderator is not present and wish to report it, please contact a moderator (via PM, offline tell or when they are available) and include a chat log or screen shot of the incident if possible. Providing this evidence makes it easier to reduce potential bias between the reporter and offender. These reports will be reviewed and action will be taken as soon as possible.
  • Please understand that while the moderators are open to discussion, they will have the final say. Please respect their decision.
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